About Us

About us

Myeductions is an online E-learning portal by Mensagam, We create carrier paths for fresh graduates in their core field. At Myeductions we work closely with various education personnel to provide updates on the current trend in the industry sector. Myeductions was created to serve as an information database for fresh graduates and students to fulfill their daily needs based on the education sector.

What we do?

We the people at Mensagam, provide Myeductions with all the information that students and graduates need to get a thorough knowledge on their academics. We are actively working with people in the education industry to give guidance to the students on the technical studies available. We also have made daily news post that will help students to get an idea on what the corporate world needs from them.


To help students and graduates in their academics which make them industry ready for the corporate


To create a digital space were students and graduates can get world class solutions to their academic needs.