Is Education System Making Student for the Future/Past?

Can you make a fish climb a tree? But our education system can make it climb as well as run. Prince Ea a motivational content creator and speaker recently made out a video that portrayed some really good points that will make us want to change our educational system forever, within a week of posting his video most of the school boards have begun to talk about changing their teaching methods.

Education system

What did he talk about?

Our education system has long been not changed even on the smallest scale, keeping kids sit in row silently raising hands to ask questions and a single teacher teaching the same thing to every child. If we can change our technology, mobile phones, Facebook pages. Why can’t we change our education system?

Killing Creativity:

Albert Einstein said “Everybody a genius” but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its entire life thinking it’s a fool. Every while in schools children’s are told what to do and made to listen to something that they don’t want to listen to and make them compete for something called the “A”. Today’s world doesn’t need robot people it needs people who can think creatively, independently, innovatively, critically  with the ability to connect.

No two Brains are the same:

Every scientist says that “No two brains are the same” and people with two or more kids will confirm that. It is our schools that teach every child in the same manner. This is Educational malpractice where a single teacher stands in front teaching students with different strengths, different needs, different gifts and different dreams. This is the biggest crime ever.

Why teachers should be paid more like Doctors:

Teachers have the most important job in the world but they all are underpaid. Teachers are as equal to a doctor who performs a heart surgery and makes someone live, a true teacher can reach to the heart of the kid and make him live a real life.

Standardize tests:

Teachers should not be blamed as they work in the system that is limited in options and the standardized tests are made by systems telling that will determine the success. These tests are too crude to be used and need to be abandoned said by “Fredrick J. Kelly” the man who invented standardized tests.

This is what Prince Ea concludes, that let’s break common core, give importance to arts and dance, give a chance to every gift. Countries like Finland have shorter school days where they focus on collaboration instead of competition.

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