The Educational Crisis and its Solution

Is the educational system in USA giving every American a chance to succeed? You know the answer to that question as the system proven to do so is falling a short. The Educational crisis does not only affect the life of students, it will also become a major crisis for the country if a suitable solution is not founded.

Educational Crisis solution

Student Level crisis:

More than a quarter of our students fail to graduate from high school, the worst is from the College readiness exam as less than 25% of the students are not ready to attend college. The education system is promoting inequality schools are likely to pair poor students and minority students with new teachers and most likely to suspend black students than their white counter parts. Over the last decade the problem has just got worse as the achievement gap by race and ethnicity is still large. Fewer than one in five African-American are proficient in reading than their white peers.

Crisis at a national level:

If this problem is not solved quickly, then it may become a national crisis, this may impact the future of our country, American schools are not producing enough scientist and mathematician for the military and intelligence agencies. Half of our young adults can’t participate in armed forces as because they dropped high school or don’t have the basic qualification.

There will be also significant economic consequences as today’s economic is lagging and unemployment is high. If graduation rates are not increased to meet the needs then the US economy will be short of 3 million college-educated workers in 2018.

Need to find solution:

There is a huge importance to finding the solution of this problem as the economic will go of short which will affect the country in a huge level. It also means that the students will have a severe drawback in their lives. As students are the only source of hope and can bring up the social value of a country it is very important to find a solution to this crisis.

Great Teacher:

Prince Ea in his video said that a great teacher can reach to a student’s heart and allow him to truly live the words of Prince EA, teachers make all the difference none of us would be here without the love and dedication of teachers as a good teacher can make a student not only excel in his studies but also in his life and character. Students with highest performing teachers can earn five to six months in their learning period, than students with lowest performing students

Promoting a great teacher:

The teacher should be recruited from the top of each college and the status of their profession must be elevated the profession so that we can attract and retain the best and the brightest.

  • The teachers should be targeted with high-quality support and constant educational development.
  • The teachers are the most talented persons in the world and need to be paid as equal to doctors.
  • When schools and districts are forced to short off of staff the best and brightest teachers must be protected.

A Great School:

Fueled by great power and knowledge schools have the ability to help a teacher do their maximum effort. A school can help a student attain the best character set and shine in the world. Building the great school is the solution to our Educational crisis. A great school can handle things in a different manner like the school in Robert W. Coleman School in Baltimore that had replaced detention with meditation. This kind of changes in the schools has provided many behavioral changes in the student’s mentality and has also helped them improve their personal life as well as their social life.


Young generation is the future of our nations and we must not encourage them from going un-educated. Inorder to prevent this educational crisis and its solution will be to scout the best teachers and build the best schools for our kids. If you are into this share your views on building a better educational system for our kids.

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