Do school’s need to replace Detention with Meditation?

It was since the beginning of the education program, schools have been using detention to keep unruly students in the right path. The students who miss-behave have been constantly sent to detention which did not have any improvement in their behavior.Until then some experts started to believe that meditation can help in changing this. They found that most students now-a-days in the technology world are suffering from mental peace, which causes unrest in them and detention can possibly increase it instead of curing them.

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Benefits of Meditation:

Meditation is the practice that can help one in attaining mental peace and reduce internal stress. Meditation also helps in improving the characteristic of a person and boost self-confidence. Meditation experts have stated the following 8 benefits that can be achieved through meditation.

  • Meditation reduces stress.
  • Meditation improves concentration.
  • Meditation encourages healthy lifestyle.
  • Mediation increases self-awareness.
  • Meditation increases happiness.
  • Meditation increases acceptance.
  • Meditation slows aging.
  • Meditation benefits cardiovascular and immunity

 Is it really effective than Detention?

Robert W. Coleman School in Baltimore has no detention. Yes, you are right they have replaced their detention time with meditation. They have a Mindful moment room, an “Oasis of peace and calmness”. It was started like an after school program called “Holistic Me”. An initiative that teaches children’s to practice meditation and breathing exercise. This encourages them to talk with behavioral professionals. The results are amazing since 2 years taking the program Robert W. Coleman hasn’t issued a single suspension.

The program works in partnership with Holistic Life Foundation a non-profit local organization.

While speaking about detention we should realize that “kids follow what we do”, no matter how hard you teach them and if we don’t follow it they too won’t. Ultimately it is us who made kids behave so unruly and detention can only change the attitude in horrible ways which is not the solution.

On the other hand Meditation has been proved to be a promising solution to this problem. As school in Baltimore, has been using meditation to help unruly students. It is also parents responsibilities to help keep up the practice in homes too.

Meditation not only helping in changing the nature of kids, it also increases the performance of the kids in the academics side too.

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